Monday, October 23, 2006

Nice Makeover, Huh?

So, how do you like the new look? I have to say a big THANK YOU!! to my friend Jennifer for giving my blog a makeover. I'm so excited. If I were as good as she is with this stuff, I would be able to link to her blog from here, but if you go over to the column on the right, you will see that she has put her link in for me and all you have to do is click on her name.

It sure is getting beautiful around here. I just love Autumn! I'm anxious to do all of my fall projects and get them posted here. Check the schedule below (Several posts below) and see if there's something there that interests you. If so, give me a call or e-mail and sign up!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just Thinking...

It's late. I should be in bed. But I found myself in front of the computer, reading my favorite blogs, checking out, and thinking. Thinking about how wonderful this hobby is, and how close I feel to so many women out there, simply because we share one thing in common. A love of scrapbooking. A love of sharing our stories. (Okay, and a serious love of scrapbooking supplies!)

Anyone who has been to the store knows it's not the biggest, not by a long shot. ( Lately, I have found myself apologizing for that fact. I guess I do it because I want to be able to offer you so much more.) But I truly hope that when you are here, that you feel totally at home. (I mean, that open the fridge and grab a drink kind of "at home" feeling.) I get a kick out of the way you all knock when you come to the door! I know it's at my home, but the store is seperate...walk in...please!! I want you to. I want my tiny little store to be the gathering place for people who love to share their stories, their memories, their ideas, and opinions. I want crops at my place to be the modern quilting bee. I may not have an actual classroom, and maybe you will be taught at my kitchen table, or in the living room...but consider it an act of love. I love to have you here, and I am more than happy to open up my store, and my home to you.

Scrapbooking is so many things...a hobby, an artistic expression, an "acid free" bond that we all have with one another. I know that Berryville is small, but I'm sure there are a million stories to be told. They deserve to be told... I am completely convinced that part of what's wrong with society today is that we don't tell our stories. Sure, we tell some of the funny ones, but do we share it all? Do we share the good and the bad? The bitter and the sweet? And more importantly, do we document them for a time when we won't be here to tell them? We at least owe that much to our children, grandchildren, or anyone whom we consider an important part of our lives. They need to know that we've "Been there, done that." But more importantly, that we survived. That somehow, we made it through, even when things weren't picture perfect.

Come on over to my place. Pop open a can of soda...let me put the coffee on for you. Let's create something rich and wonderful. Let's work together to tell your story, and to build friendships within our little community. You've got time for that, don't you? Tell the truth...Can you afford to not make the time?

Love to you all!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sick and Alone....not a good mix!

For anyone who might have come by the store today....I am so sorry for being closed. I have come down with Strep throat and needed to go to the doc to get a shot. I'm actually feeling much better tonight. Hopefully I will be up to snuff tomorrow! I hated having to cancel classes and close the store, but Sherry is in Las Vegas recovering from her gall bladder surgery, so I was pretty much alone. Thankfully my dad helped out with my little boy so that I could get a little sleep. Needless to say, it isn't easy to be sick, and not have anyone else to help you out. I am so grateful for my family.

I hope to see you soon!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Did I Ever Mention...?

Did I ever mention that we are set up to accept Visa and Mastercard? We also offer gift certificates and a wish list that you can fill out. I will keep the list on hand so that if your sweetie, or someone else looking to buy you a gift comes into the store, I can help them get what you really want. (I can also send a little note in the mail with the "gentle" suggestion in it!)

Just thought you would like to know!

Christmas Cards

Finally, here are the Samples from the Christmas Card Class for this week. There are still spaces open for Friday's class and the class on December 9th. Please don't laugh at my scanning and posting skills! ( I can't ever seem to get this part right.)

I know you aren't all feeling the Christmas spirit right now, but if you plan on making your own cards, it's not too early to start. Even if you are planning on putting a picture of your family on the front, you could still get the base of the card done, and plan/make any embellishments that you would like to add.

Don't forget that we have a Wishblade here at the store, so I can custom cut words for you. All you have to do is supply the paper!. (If you would like adhesive on the back, there will be a $1.00 charge per page.)

If you have a church group or other organization that is interested in doing these cards, or other projects, I am more than willing to come to you. I just need a couple of weeks notice and an accurate count of who will be there. (All kits come ready to assemble.)

I hope to see you all soon!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Yeah, I Know....I Promised.

I know, I promised the Christmas Card samples would be up long before now. Here it is, the day before the class, and no samples. (No wonder I only have 3 people signed up!) To be quite honest with you, the work I had left to do to get the store to a point that I'm not always apologizing for the mess took a lot longer than Mom and I had planned. But, at last, it's done. (Well, there are 2 more things to do, but those are my hubby's department.)

I am still teaching the Christmas Card class this week and it's not too late to call. I've got 3 different days scheduled, so if any of the following suit you, give a call, or post here and I'll count you in.

Tuesday, October 10th 12- 2 and 6-8
Thursday, October 12th 12-2 and 6-8
Friday, October 13th 12-2 and 6-8
We had a great time at Croptoberfest Saturday. Great goody bags, door prizes, and food, not to mention great company. I just love you ladies! I am looking into the idea of a Crop in December, so keep checking here, and watch the mail for announcements.
We recently got in some wonderful Christmas papers....Wild Asparagus, kaleidoscope, Pebbles Inc. And Flair. I am having so much fun designing cards with them. I can't wait to see what Sherry comes up with for the mini album.
We've also got in some really cute Halloween papers from Pebbles Inc. And Fall papers from Flair. Oh, and the Making Memories Halloween Paints and stamps are in. Please drop in and see what's new in Mimi's Trunk.
Gotta go design a couple more cards! Hope to see you soon!