Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lessons Learned

Have you ever wanted to just sit down and write everything that you were feeling? That's how I'm feeling tonight. I've got about a gazillion things running through this pea-brain of mine and I can't seem to get any of it straight!

I guess I'll start with what a good time Mom, Mandy, and I had in Tulsa at CKC this last weekend. We took a couple of classes with Rusty Pickle, and did a 10" x 20" altered canvas with Quick Quotes. It was so much fun, and I think we all came home inspired to create. (And really inspired to play with all of the new goodies that we bought!) This was just what I needed to get me inspired to design all of the neat classes we have coming up.

While we were at CKC, I entered a couple of contests, and lost. At first, I found myself choking back tears, but then I remembered that the reason that I scrapbook is to share the story of my family and other people that I love. Not to win contests. I'm not saying that a little recognition isn't a wonderful thing...but the judges aren't the people that I do this for. I just wish that they wouldn't ask for layouts with such emotional topics. Creating Keepsakes asked for a layout about a defining moment in your life. For me, that was the day my father died, so finding the right words to express that was difficult, and took a bit of crying to get the job done. Of course, the raw emotion never really comes through to those who don't know you, and so it can leave you feeling as though you ripped your heart out and set it on the table, only for people to walk by and barely glance at it, let alone take the time to appreciate how painful it all might have been. Anyway, the moral of the story is...make sure that you are creating your scrapbook pages for you, and for those you love. Don't worry about whether or not anyone else approves of it...just do what you love, for those you love, and enjoy the process.

Now, back to how much fun I had. My mom and I always have a good time together, but having Mandy along just added to the whole thing. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my other new friend Jennifer with us...but nooooooo....she had to up and move to Texas! (The nerve of some people!!) Although no one will ever replace my very best friend DeeAnn, it's nice to have made a couple of new friends here who totally understand my scrapbooking obsession. (It's also nice to have a couple of friends who might be a bit more obsessed about supplies than I am...it makes me look better in my husband's eyes! LOL) It's funny how this hobby brings people together, and allows us to make friends so easily, thanks to a common interest.

Well, I wanted to upload some pictures of my trip to Tulsa, but the old pc doesn't feel like cooperating right now, so I will have to try again later. And, luckily, Nathan is up and distracting me, so I can't think clearly enough to write any of the other mush that is roaming around this head of mine. Lucky. lucky you.

Jennifer, if you are in Texas reading this, I miss you and hope to see you soon.

Take care everyone...and don't forget to sign up for our Scrappink Weekend, September 28th and 29th!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's Circle the Square This Weekend

Saturday, August 11th is Circle the Square in Berryville. We'll be croppin' in the classroom all day and going until 9 or 10p.m.. Please come and join us. Did I mention that the crop is FREE???

Circle the Square is so much fun, and if you're croppin' with us, what better way to stretch your legs than to go do a little dancin' in the streets? Even if you can't join us for the crop, stop by and shop a little. The whole store is 15% off that day/night. Don't forget to stop in and visit the other great shops on the square! Hope to see you there.

P.S. Keep an eye out for the new schedule...it's on its way.