Friday, July 25, 2008

Croppin' Tomorrow

There's still spaces available if anyone would like to come and crop with us tomorrow. The sodas and the classroom are cool if you need to escape the heat.

I'm a lucky, my mom and my oldest daughter helped me clean up the classroom. (If you've been in recently, you know that the place looked as if it had exploded.) So glad to have that done. Maybe now, I can get some creative juices flowing.

And now, for a personal problem...Why is it that I can think of some funny thing or another that I want to mention on this blog, but the minute I sit down to share it, it vanishes from my little brain??? (Of course, all of these thoughts come to me while driving, showering, ya know, places where you can't just stop what you're doing and write it down.)...Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I always sit down to write at the end of the night when I'm dead tired. ...sigh....

Oh, I almost forgot...I got a fresh supply of Slick Writers from American Crafts and all of the paper, and some embellishments from their Travel line. Very clean lines as is American Crafts style, and several of the papers can cross into other themes besides traveling. You'll find it right up front in the display next to the new Snowy Jo line from Imaginesce.

It's off to bed for me. I hope to see some of you tomorrow. I'll be open until 6 because of the crop.

Oops...did it again....I forgot to mention that Mr. David Bell (from Braswell's) will be teaching a 16 wk. (?) photography class at my store every Monday starting the first Monday in September. The cost is $200 or $225 (I think) and there are limited spaces available. You can call me to sign up, or stop in. This is the same course that he teaches at NorthArk and it is a bargain. I will try to get more info from him next week and find out if there are any supplies needed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christmas in July?

Have you met my friend, Snowy Jo? If not, you need to stop by the store and check out the new Christmas papers, embellishments, and albums from Imaginesce. They are sooooo cute. Double sided paper with glitter accents on one side. There's also really great acrylic stamps that only cost $1.00, and $2.99. We bought the whole line. Yeah!

I'm also expecting some great stuff from American Crafts by the end of the week.

Saturday is a crop day. Only $5.00 this time...(You're on your own for lunch, but I'll provide drinks and the chocolate!) 10a.m. - 6p.m

Next week starts our Family Album project. You won't want to miss out. This project will take 4 weeks, and each class is $15.oo. It's going to be just beautiful, and, if you need a really great gift for someone in the family for Christmas, this is it! Give me a call and sign up ASAP.

ScrapPink is coming up in September. I'll have a date soon, but keep it in mind.

The Crazy Croppers 4 H scrapbook club will be meeting soon. Applications will be available at the store and at the Extension office. More info there too.

Take care everyone!! Thanks for all of your support.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Can We Talk?

Forgive me if I offend anyone...but I need to say something here. First of all, NO WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. I've had so many people ask that (because of the sale). I'm really just trying to move some outdated inventory so that I can get some new things in.

Now...on to the touchy stuff.....

I've heard from so many of you, how much you love having a scrapbook store in town...(and I love being here for you). I am also VERY MUCH aware that you can get so many things cheaper at Wal-mart and at Hobby Lobby.....I shop there for pity sake....but I beg of you....please do not make this a topic of discussion at the store. 1) I have tried very hard to keep prices fair and to make my catalogs available to you as a convenience. I even special order product in for you to save you the trip to town, and I don't charge you shipping and handling. 2) It hurts my feelings because I know that I can never offer you the deals that the big stores do, nor can I offer the same selections, no matter how much I want to. 3) Sometimes it robs me of potential sales. (This part is really important, because this is what keeps me here, serving all of you wonderful people!)

Maybe I'm being petty...unprofessional...I don't know. But it's been happening so much lately that I just feel a little overwhelmed by it...and, well, I know that there aren't too many that read this, so I'm safe to vent a little.

I truly love and appreciate all of you. Being here, and having the pleasure of teaching you and scrapping along side of you has brought me so much joy, and has helped me get to know so many of you. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. But I need your help to stay here. Please post any suggestions (helpful...not!) that you think would make things better. I am looking forward to reading (and trying out) your suggestions.

P.S....Could you all include my friend Jennifer and her son Chet in your prayers? We are praying that Todd (Jennifer's other son) is a perfect match to be a donor for Chet. We need to get Chet better! (Jennifer, if you are reading this, you have the password, so if you want to put a link to Chet's page here, you can...but I wanted to leave that option up to you.)

P.P.S. ....To my other friend Jennifer in TX....HUGS!!! I miss you and I can't wait until next weekend to see you!